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Flexible Operations

Flexible Operations

Complimenting ConcealFab’s strategic access to 200k sq ft of scalable manufacturing facilities with Springs Fabrication, we also have 20k sq ft of internal manufacturing space and a highly skilled team of craftsman, certified welders, and general fabrication specialists.

ConcealFab has held onto its specialized in-house fabrication capability as a strategic advantage when unique projects, prototyping, and specialized testing is required. Often on large projects, special one-off circumstances arise where the supplier must be nimble to overcome unique obstacles at a hurried pace. Such instances include jurisdictions asking for infrastructure to be repurposed from a ground-based pole to a rooftop enclosure. In most instances an additional vendor is brought into the project which can cause significant delays. ConcealFab’s flexible operations and specialized labor pool allow it to supplement its scalable, high-volume manufacturing capabilities in order to keep projects moving forward rapidly without disruption.

Examples of ConcealFab’s in-house capabilities to produce unique concealments include rooftop chimneys, streetlight antenna concealments, and custom signage, all which are PIM certified and RF compliant due to ConcealFab’s in-house testing capabilities.