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The mantra of ConcealFab’s Engineering team is that “We Solve Problems”.  This mentality has catapulted ConcealFab into the forefront of innovation in the burgeoning Small Cell and DAS infrastructure market. Our core engineering value proposition to customers is our team of industry-leading experts in the design and analysis of wireless infrastructure products.  We take an exhaustive look at the problem needing to be solved and apply our rich set of tools and first-hand experience to ensure the best solution is proposed.  Our capabilities in finite-element analysis, structural analysis, and custom-design work has put us at the forefront of the industry.  Complementing our in-house capabilities is our unparalleled access to radio and antenna OEM engineers and product managers to gain additional product understanding which we can incorporate into our design considerations as well as our network of industry-leading experts in specialized / niche fields like RF, thermal, and acoustic design who frequently collaborate in our product realization efforts.

The platform upon which ConcealFab’s Engineers operate is the latest version of the state-of-the-art CAD platform SolidWorks®.  Being equipped with, and utilizing this industry’s leading CAD platform sets the stage for ConcealFab’s ability to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges.  Our product portfolio is one of unparalleled depth and breadth, addressing a multitude of critical challenges including RF Attenuation, Passive Intermodulation (PIM), Thermal Dissipation, and Noise Abatement.

Antenna concealment is both art and science.  The ability to create aesthetics that blend into the environment and are appealing to the public is a unique challenge and specialty.  However, that challenge has now been compounded as higher-frequency bands are being introduced into cellular communications.  With the introduction of PCS, AWS and even higher future bands, consideration must be given to the selection of concealment radome materials being utilized.  ConcealFab incorporates low-loss thermoplastics into their concealment structures that are both structurally sound and RF transparent.  This compliance is verified through continual testing which is performed both in-house and through our OEM partners.

In addition to the RF permittivity concerns of our radome concealment materials, close attention must also be paid to our products’ impact on PIM. ConcealFab has worked closely with some of the leading experts (e.g., Kaelus) in PIM testing and analysis. We now have in-house testing equipment and a growing portfolio of PIM-mitigation solutions to complement our standard product offerings as well as troubleshooting and addressing problems that arise with non-ConcealFab product deployments.

As radio and power systems are increasingly becoming a target for concealment opportunities, an understanding of and accommodations for thermal dissipation are paramount.  Hot climates coupled with inadequate ventilation / circulation have caused multiple node failures throughout the country.  ConcealFab’s access to experts at the OEM radio manufacturers coupled with their network of thermal analysis experts has resulted in the development of multiple thermally-compliant concealment solutions which have been deployed across the country. These shrouds and cabinets have been approved by the radio manufacturers to the point that they will honor their full radio warranties.

Lastly, an increasing concern with Small Cell and DAS deployments in/around metropolitan areas is the generation of excessive noise from fans cooling the equipment.  Municipalities often have a noise ceiling of 45 dB after certain hours of the day.  Noise complaints relating to concealed equipment by residents has been steadily increasing and few companies are equipped to address this issue.  ConcealFab has spent considerable time and resources studying and developing a noise-mitigation system that won’t compromise our product’s aesthetics nor the performance of our ventilation systems, a common trade-off problem. This patented noise-abatement system is outdoor rated, tuned to the appropriate noise frequencies generated by the concealed equipment, and empirically proven effective in several deployments.