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Streetlight Standard

ConcealFab’s Streetlight Standard is designed to house all necessary 4G/5G equipment in an aesthetically attractive profile. Power equipment, fiber equipment, radios, and cables are all hidden within the pole structure. 5G attachments can be added, as necessary, to the outside of the structure for maximum RF performance. Please consult ConcealFab for internal equipment fit outside the equipment specifications advertised. These poles are also available with a 13” straight, fluted profile to replace existing decorative poles.

4X Radio Pole Top

The 4X Radio Pole Top is designed to house up to (4) Ericsson 220x radios mounted to (2) Dual Support Units. Unique packaging allows for 1/2’’ superflex coax to be used for maximum performance. The Pole Top can also house diplexers, as needed.

5G Mast
ConcealFab’s 5G Mast is an agnostic mounting platform that allows for mmW 5G radios from various radio OEMs to be used at each node. (3) cable pass-throughs on the mast allow for sufficient cable management. Future technologies can be added to this space as they are released.

Jettison ShroudTM

ConcealFab’s Jettison ShroudTM is a removable feature that is placed over the 5G Mast area of the pole. This maintains one constant diameter aesthetic until 5G technology is added. The Jettison ShroudTM can be removed once mmW 5G technology needs to be added, exposing the 5G Mast.

Universal 4G Antenna Mounting Interface
ConcealFab has partnered with antenna OEMs in order to accommodate the latest 4G antennas. Using our Universal Cantenna Sleeve technology allows new, high port count antennas to be mounted to our Streetlight Standards.

Future Expansion
ConcealFab’s Streetlight Standard solutions are designed with a bolted connection between the base pole sheathing and the 4G/5G radio section. The 4G/5G radio section can be field removed and replaced to accommodate future technologies.