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RF Optimization

In a perfect LTE system, each mobile in a sector would only receive a strong signal from the base station antenna designated to serve that sector. The signal from one sector should be dominant all the way to the edge of coverage, then rapidly decay as the mobile moves across the sector boundary. In the real world, this is very difficult to achieve. In many cases signals from adjacent or even distant sectors can arrive stronger than desired within the coverage area, creating interference and causing unwanted hand-offs. This is particularly challenging in stadium applications which may include more than 50 sectors within a single venue.

Engineers designing a cellular system use directional base station antennas to focus energy into the desired area of coverage. An ideal base station antenna would only radiate energy where intended and radiate no energy in unwanted directions. Unfortunately, that is not possible (or practical) given the size and cost constraints placed on base station antenna manufacturers. Unwanted side and back lobe radiation often occurs at lower frequencies where the physical size of the antenna is small with respect to a wavelength.

To combat undesired back lobe radiation, ConcealFab has developed surface wave suppression technology that can be applied to existing base station antennas. The suppressors are built onto an aluminum frame and coated with polyurethane (truck bed liner) for environmental protection. Hardware is provided to attach the suppressor between the antenna and its existing pole mounting hardware. Due to size and physical mounting differences, a unique backlobe suppressor design is required for each different antenna model.

ConcealFab designs and manufactures innovative Small Cell and oDAS concealments that benefit network operators as well as local communities. ConcealFab’s aesthetically pleasing solutions enable small cell infrastructure to HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT®, leading to strong LTE signals in difficult to permit locations.

ConcealFab offers back lobe suppression products to reduce unwanted radiation into adjacent sectors and passive intermodulation mitigation solutions to reduce PIM noise generated by the downlink signals at the site.

Together, ConcealFab’s products and solutions maximize the Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio, enabling faster LTE data rates, improved VoIP quality and increased network capacity.