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Radio and Antenna Shrouds

Radio shrouds provide a convenient and functional method for mounting the radio equipment and supporting components at cell sites. These shrouds not only improve the appearance of the site but also protect the equipment and sensitive connections from vandalism.

ConcealFab’s radio shrouds are designed to efficiently package a host of telecom equipment in the smallest envelope possible. Space is available for two high power radios or a larger number of low power small cell radios mounted to opposite sides of a central septum. Room is provided for multiple
RF combiners as well as a fiber optic drop / add module for WDM applications. Clam-shell style doors open wide to each side providing maximum access for installation and maintenance. Due to the large
number of vents on the sides and top of the enclosure, sufficient air flow is achieved to passively cool the enclosed radio equipment. ConcealFab’s radio shrouds can be mounted to a variety of existing and replacement poles.