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5G Pole Attachments

As carriers are now moving aggressively toward millimeter wave (mmW) 5G technologies, ConcealFab is pivoting its product development and resourcing strategy in parallel. The shift to mmW 5G requires not only ConcealFab’s existing competencies in mechanical, thermal, and aesthetic design, but also a significant upgrade in its RF prowess as mmW spectrum is considerably more sensitive to concealment materials which can cause significant pattern distortion if not properly designed.

In support of this shift to mmW, ConcealFab has constructed a commercial-grade anechoic chamber complete with mmW phased array antennas. As a result, ConcealFab can now do full pattern testing of its mmW concealment materials to validate any impact on RF performance from the materials.

To date, ConcealFab has received approval for certain mmW concealment materials, performing at both 28 GHz and 39 GHz, and has begun shipment of several products utilizing this material. We are constantly developing new mmW 5G products, so please inquire as to how we can support your 5G deployment needs.