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Antenna Mounts

Heavy Duty Mounting Solutions
ConcealFab manufactures a wide variety of mounting solutions for the quasi-omni “cantennas” commonly deployed at multi-band small cell and oDAS sites. Mounting kits with optional cable concealment shrouds are available to securely attach these larger wind load antennas to existing wood, metal or concrete poles as well as to other structures. ConcealFab’s “cantenna sleeve” design enables each mount to support a variety of antenna models, eliminating the need for a different mounting kit for each brand of antenna.
ConcealFab’s mounting solutions include
our proprietary PIM Kote™ finish to
minimize passive intermodulation (PIM.)
Specifying a complete mounting solution requires multiple part numbers:
1 – Cantenna sleeve
2 – Mount
3 – Shroud (optional)

Light Duty Mounting Solutions
Lighter duty mounting solutions are available for lower wind load quasi-omni antennas used in higher frequency applications. These mounts include an adapter to convert the antenna manufacturer’s bolt pattern to a single mounting bolt which attaches directly to the light duty pole top mount or the light duty side arm mount. An optional cable concealment shroud is available to hide RF feed-line cables from public view.

Lower wind load antennas can be attached to any of ConcealFab’s heavy duty mounts using a single bolt adapter and small antenna sleeve. Specifying a complete mounting system requires up to four part numbers, depending on the desired mount:

1 – Single bolt adapter
2 – Small antenna sleeve (optional)
3 – Mount
4 – Shroud (optional)