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Replacement Light Standards

Replacement Light Standards

When an existing pole is unable to support the added load of wireless equipment, ConcealFab’s Replacement Light Standards are a perfect solution. These aesthetically pleasing designs incorporate convenient mounting for small cell / oDAS antennas and external radio shrouds. Structural accommodations can also be made for road signs, pedestrian crosswalk signs and banners.

ConcealFab’s Replacement Light Standards can be designed to accommodate various quasi-omni antennas. The poles can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes and outfitted with luminaires, as required, to match existing infrastructure. ConcealFab’s Replacement Light Standards are hot dip galvanized for environmental protection and can be painted to meet jurisdictional aesthetic requirements.

Heavy duty replacement poles are also available to support panel antenna shrouds. Paired with one of ConcealFab’s Single Mast or Tri-Mast Antenna Shrouds, this system provides maximum flexibility to optimize RF performance. With RF feed-line cables and antennas hidden from public view, these systems often gain quick approval in urban / suburban environments.

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