PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-ins

PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-ins provide a low passive intermodulation method to secure RF, fiber, power and RET cables in high risk PIM zones. ConcealFab’s patented design provides insulation at the mating surfaces to prevent undesired metal-to-metal contact.

Key Features

  • Low PIM
  • High strength
  • Easy to install / re-position
  • Sizes available for cables ranging from 13 mm to 52 mm
  • Cable cushions available for smaller diameter cables

Technical Data

Part Number Description Technical Datasheet Installation Guide Mechanical Outline Drawing DXF File Download 3D Build Now
PSHS-1319-10 PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-In, 13 to 19 mm, (1/2-in) Qty. 10 Download   Download  
PSHS-2630-10 PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-In, 26 to 30 mm, (7/8-in) Qty. 10 Download   Download  
PSHS-3642-10 PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-In, 36 to 42 mm, (1-1/4-in) Qty. 10 Download   Download  
PSHS-4852-10 PIM Shield Hybrid Snap-In, 48 to 52 mm, (1-5/8-in) Qty. 10 Download   Download