PIM Blanket Kits

ConcealFab’s PIM Blankets are temporary RF barriers that can be deployed to suppress PIM sources while mitigating PIM at cell sites. PIM blanket kits contain a useful assortment of PIM blankets inside a rugged transit case.

Key Features

  • Useful assortment of PIM blanket sizes
  • Rugged transit case included
  • Simplifies transit of PIM blankets to / from site
  • Protects PIM blankets while not in use

Technical Data

Part NumberDescriptionTechnical DatasheetInstallation GuideMechanical Outline Drawing3D Build Now
007640-KIT-101PIM Blanket Kit, 2x 120x60, 2x 60x60, 2x 60x30, 2x 30x30 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-102PIM Blanket Kit, 3x 120x60, 2x 60x60 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-103PIM Blanket Kit, 4x 120x60 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-104PIM Blanket Kit, 8x 60x60 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-201PIM Blanket Kit, 4x 120x60, 4x 60x60, 4x 60x30, 4x 30x30 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-202PIM Blanket Kit, 6x 120x60, 3x 60x60 Download   Download  
007640-KIT-203PIM Blanket Kit, 5x 120x60, 5x 60x60 Download   Download