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Light Pole with Concealment Shroud

Light Pole with Concealment Shroud

Project info:

ConcealFab designed and fabricated a unique, concealed light pole to be deployed on Boston’s historic Newbury Street.  The project entailed concealing two Ruckus WiFi combination radio / antennas in an RF-transparent concealment shroud.

The existing infrastructure consisted of hexagonal, concrete light poles.  ConcealFab was not only able to match the profile shape of the existing poles using structural steel, but also utilized a coating system that mimicked the concrete texture of the existing poles.

The RF-transparent concealment also had a hexagonal profile with a concrete texture, which had minimum RF attenuation, was structurally sound, and thermally compliant with the OEM’s required ventilation. Given the high-profile nature of this deployment, multiple city agencies had to sign off on the aesthetics in order to sanction the deployment.