External PIM Concerns in C-Band Networks

Passive intermodulation (PIM) interference is a real concern in C-band spectrum due to the many IM2, IM3, and IM5 products that can be generated by the existing low and mid-band downlinks at cell sites. These low-order IM products can elevate the noise floor reducing the speed and coverage of newly deployed networks.

Solutions to mitigate external PIM generated by lower frequency downlinks are available now. While on-site installing new 3.7 GHz radios and antennas, network operators have a unique opportunity to make other site modifications at minimal cost that can have a profound impact on PIM performance.

A new white paper is available from ConcealFab that provides an overview of the PIM problems likely to be encountered and presents solutions operators can proactively deploy to improve network performance.

View white paper here

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