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Wireless Telecom

Wireless communication has become the primary mode of communicating with one another. As metropolitan population centers become more dense in terms of wireless usage, major carriers are looking to small cell solutions to fill in gaps and provide greater 4G and LTE coverage to customers. ConcealFab provides small cell mounting and concealment solutions to make any deployment simple and cost-effective.

Mounting Solutions

ConcealFab’s rich portfolio of mounting solutions allows you to take advantage of existing infrastructure with our sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and highly-engineered bracket-based concealments that Hide In Plain Sight® in any environment.

Pole-Top Extension Mount

ConcealFab’s Pole-Top Extension mount is an answer to a unique set of challenges.  Challenge #1: in certain situations a pole-top mounted antenna will be too close to the existing power lines at the top of the pole and needs to be spaced farther apart. Challenge #2:  PIM sources may be found at or near the top of the pole where additional spacing could mitigate PIM interference concerns.

Concealment Solutions

ConcealFab’s Pole-Top Concealments accommodate up to 6’ panel antennas in various configurations. The mounting structure allows for maximum azimuth adjustment while ConcealFab’s proprietary shroud material maximizes RF-transparent. This product ships with all the PIM-mitigating hardware and coatings necessary to pass carrier-dictated PIM standards.