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For more information on our government capabilities please visit our CFG Systems website at www.cfgsystems.com.

CFG Systems™ and our partner companies design, fabricate, and deploy broad-frequency, RF-transparent shelters, radomes, and back-lobe suppression systems to meet the complex needs of our customers.

Our products and services have several distinct value propositions:

• Reduce the Life Cycle Maintenance and Operational costs of antenna deployment

• Minimize back-lobe interference and other unwanted residual signals

• Conceal antennas from visual and microwave detection within common looking structures and or radomes with minimal RF attenuation to Hide in Plain Sight

Our Solution Portfolio includes:

• Ground, Rooftop, and Mobile concealment structures; RF transparent up to 100GHz

• Back and Side-lobe suppression systems, tunable to multiple frequencies and custom antenna sizes

• Hard-sided and soft-sided structures with minimal RF attenuation across a broad frequency range

• Custom designs to meet any operational requirement

Ground Base Units

Available in hard-sided, soft-sided, water tank design, collapsible, and VSAT.

Rooftop Mounted Units

Available options include: Maintenance shelter, elevated platform, penthouse addition, screen wall, and flat panel.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platform options include shipping container, trailerized, palletized, and SCADA.

Post / Base Infrastructure

Available Post / Base Infrastructure options include Small Cell / DAS, Microwave, and Surveillance.


Sizes vary from 20’ to 80’ diameter. Thermoplastic exterior and stainless framing system make a sturdy and environmentally robust structure to meet the most inhospitablea deployment locations. CFG Systems’ solution is hard-sided, achieving comparable performance to soft-sided/tensioned solutions at a much lower price.