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Within the energy sector, an already established infrastructure exists that is ready to integrate small cell and oDAS deployments. The addition of multifunctional capabilities to an established energy network opens the door for new sources of sustainable revenue streams and use profits to stimulate growth or improve an aging system.  ConcealFab is positioned to assist the energy sector capitalize on this growing market through our mounting systems, integrated and engineered poles, and custom designed solutions.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas exploration and retrieval are booming. Most of these drill sites; however, are located far off the beaten path from any network. ConcealFab has developed deployable, self-contained shelters that are perfect solutions for even the most remote locations around the world.
Oil and Gas exploration is typically remote. Yet, the need for GPS mapping, communications infrastructure, and the computers to power that equipment is not diminished. ConcealFab® RF-Transparent SCADA Shelter provides a secure, self-contained environment for even the most difficult deployments or exploration zones.

• Solar panel power generation available
• Wind power generation available
• Light-weight RF-Transparent structure
• Highly mobile skid
The SCADA Shelter a perfect addition to any organizations exploration toolkit.

Utility Pole Concealments

Capitalizing on an existing infrastructure, utility companies are using their electric line poles to help major carriers increase network strength. The problem is finding a deployment solution that will not interfere with either company’s transmission capabilities. ConcealFab has your solution.

Small Cell Deployments

Energy providers are finding new sources of sustainable revenue by modifying existing equipment poles to accommodate small cell and oDAS antenna deployments. Take advantage of these opportunities with ConcealFab’s line of technically superior and aesthetically appealing small cell solutions.