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ConcealFab Along with Avalon Test Equipment Announces Certified External PIM Training Course

ConcealFab Along with Avalon Test Equipment Announces Certified External PIM Training Course

Training Addresses Recent Growth in 700 Megahertz Product Category

May 29, 2018

Colorado Springs, CO (May 16, 2018) – ConcealFab Corporation, known for their vast array of customized and of-the-shelf specialty antenna concealments, and their industry-leading Passive Intermodulation (PIM) mitigation products, announces the availability of an intense one-day, instructor-led, training course to teach wireless professionals how to precisely locate and mitigate external PIM at cell sites. This course is being offered and administered in partnership with Avalon Test Equipment, a leading provider of the rental test equipment needed by crews to mitigate external PIM.

The ConcealFab external PIM course educates operators, installation contractors, engineers, and field technicians on the causes of external PIM as well as provides hands-on instruction using ConcealFab’s PIM probes and PIM blankets to precisely locate external PIM sources. The course explores a combination of theory and practical hands-on exercises to build confidence.  Mobile operators currently deploying new 600 MHz and 700 MHz services will benefit immediately from this training.  This new spectrum is highly susceptible to interference caused by PIM sources located beyond the antenna.

“ConcealFab has been working on external PIM mitigation solutions for over two years. This course teaches industry professionals how to quickly and efficiently isolate external PIM problems using the field-tested tools and methods developed by ConcealFab. The training provides contracting professionals the skills they will need to help mobile operators resolve external PIM problems and meet deployment schedules”, said Tom Bell, ConcealFab EVP Product Line Management, and PIM course designer. “Anyone wanting to expand his or her knowledge of PIM, and learn the most effective remediation techniques, can benefit from enrolling in this certification program.”

The External PIM Hunting Certified Training Course covers subjects essential to precisely locating PIM sources beyond the antenna, including:

  • Common Sources of External PIM
  • Methods for Detecting and Locating External PIM Sources
  • Proper Test Equipment Set-up
  • Tips and Techniques to Guarantee Success
  • PIM Survey Documentation Requirements
  • Mitigation Techniques

Avalon Test Equipment, known industry-wide for their reputation built on client trust, timely action and quality results, is once again taking action to meet the needs of their customers. Besides their recently opened second office in Dallas, Avalon Test Equipment is managing, hosting and organizing the External PIM Certified Training Courses along with ConcealFab, in both of their facilities. And classes are filling up fast.

Attendees will also benefit from the Avalon Test Equipment experience by electing to rent their External PIM test equipment toolkit including analyzers, probes, filters and PIM blankets, from Avalon thereby avoiding costly CapEX expenditures while they address and build their PIM business.

To join the hundreds of contractors and operators expected to vie for PIM certification in the upcoming months, please visit the Avalon Test Equipment course information page at http://bit.ly/PIMTraining 

For further information please contact:

Cherish Edwards

About ConcealFab

ConcealFab Corporation is a leader in innovative Small Cell and DAS concealments and PIM remediation solutions. We offer a wide variety of antenna and radio equipment concealment solutions that enable our customers to gain faster site approval, and industry certified PIM discovery and remediation solutions to reduce external PIM at cell sites.  Regardless of whether the requirement is a simple antenna mounting system for a wood utility pole, a ground mounted radio cabinet, or a street light with integrated antennas and radios, ConcealFab has a solution to help your infrastructure HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT®.

Hosted By Avalon Test Equipment

Avalon Test Equipment was founded in 1998 and provides a variety of test equipment for a number of different industries. The telecommunications industry represents a majority of Avalon’s cliental. Customer service and satisfaction is at the center of their business, and it has earned them many repeat customers. They are available for their customers at any hour, and they have branded themselves as, “big enough to handle any project, small enough to deliver legendary service.” Along with test equipment rentals and sales, Avalon is also the Home of the 24hr Telecom Cal™, and now offers training courses lead by expert instructors.

Avalon hosts Conceal Fab’s external PIM training courses at their San Diego and Dallas locations. With at least 8 trainees, they will arrange for an offsite location. They have already hosted more than 20 sessions, and most future dates are completely booked. Attendees will also benefit from the Avalon Test Equipment experience by electing to rent their External PIM test equipment toolkit including PIM analyzers, spectrum analyzes, PIM probes, bandpass filters and PIM blankets. Avalon expects this course to capture the attention of many in the industry and continue to garner great success. Website