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Our Story

ConcealFab is a privately held Inc. 5000 company headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. We engineer and manufacture infrastructure mounting and concealment solutions for 4G and 5G deployments as well as products that minimize passive intermodulation (PIM). ConcealFab’s resounding success and rapid growth result from our partnership with Operators, utilities, and multi-billion dollar OEM’s. Our ability to pair engineering ingenuity and manufacturing nimbleness makes us a market leader in the wireless industry. As technology evolves, our team continues to develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve faster site approval and improve wireless network performance.


Reliable site performance is our guarantee. Our carefully engineered structural, thermal, and RF capabilities are tested and certified by radio OEMs – rated to withstand some of the harshest wind speeds and seismic activity. Our solutions span nearly every radio and antenna in the industry, both single and multi-tenant, and concealed or external. Choose from smooth or fluted styles in a variety of standard or custom color options.


Boost your RF performance. RF interference from passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known problem in existing cellular systems. We offer an end-to-end solution. Our patented PIM Shield™ products give you a cost-effective way to identify and measure the sources of PIM and mitigate it. And, our PIM training program prepares you to conduct PIM tests and apply mitigation techniques at your own sites. From test probes, to back-lobe suppressors, to filter kits, and more, you’ll be armed with PIMShield.


Unique solutions for complex deployments. We design and help you to deploy broad-frequency RF-transparent shelters, radomes, and backlobe suppression systems.

ConcealFab 5G Solutions

As carriers are now moving aggressively toward millimeter wave (mmW) 5G technologies, ConcealFab is pivoting its product development and resourcing strategy in parallel. The shift to mmW 5G requires not only ConcealFab’s existing competencies in mechanical, thermal, and aesthetic design, but also a significant upgrade in its RF prowess as mmW spectrum is considerably more sensitive to concealment materials which can cause significant pattern distortion if not properly designed.


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