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WELCOME TO ConcealFab®

ConcealFab Corporation is a designated small-business specializing in innovative RF-transparent antenna concealment solutions for government and commercial wireless 3G/4G/5G, small cell, outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (oDAS), point-to-point microwave backhaul, and high-frequency SATCOM applications.

ConcealFab’s ability to design and deliver innovative concealment solutions is without equal. From our top-shelf team of experienced engineers to our advanced manufacturing facility and skilled fabrication specialists, ConcealFab has the capabilities to deliver highly effective, technically superior, and aesthetically pleasing RF-transparent antenna concealment solutions to our customers on time, every time.

With small business agility and large business capabilities, ConcealFab Corporation can respond rapidly to meet each client’s need with solutions designed to outperform the competition while creating end-to-end value. From concept to completion, no job is too small and no project is too large.

Hide In Plain Sight® with ConcealFab.

ConcealFab 5G Solutions

As carriers are now moving aggressively toward millimeter wave (mmW) 5G technologies, ConcealFab is pivoting its product development and resourcing strategy in parallel. The shift to mmW 5G requires not only ConcealFab’s existing competencies in mechanical, thermal, and aesthetic design, but also a significant upgrade in its RF prowess as mmW spectrum is considerably more sensitive to concealment materials which can cause significant pattern distortion if not properly designed.



The mantra of ConcealFab’s Engineering team is that “We Solve Problems”. This mentality has catapulted ConcealFab into the forefront of innovation in the burgeoning Small Cell and DAS infrastructure market. Our core engineering value proposition to customers is our team of industry-leading experts in the design and analysis of wireless infrastructure products. We take an exhaustive look at the problem needing to be solved and apply our rich set of tools and first-hand experience to ensure the best solution is proposed. Our capabilities in finite-element analysis, structural analysis, and custom-design work has put us at the forefront of the industry. Complementing our in-house capabilities is our unparalleled access to radio and antenna OEM engineers and product managers to gain additional product understanding which we can incorporate into our design considerations as well as our network of industry-leading experts in specialized / niche fields who frequently collaborate in our product design efforts.


To guarantee all ConcealFab installations go as smooth as possible, our RF-Transparent structures are pre-fabricated and assembled inside the factory prior to shipping to ensure exact fit and trim in the field. Customers have the option to visit the ConcealFab factory during this dry-fit stage for assembly training on the ConcealFab RF-Transparent building system. These training sessions include hands-on construction tips for your specific shelter or enclosure, and a complete review of all construction drawings, bill of materials, spare parts, and recommended installation tools (if not provided in a Tool Kit).


ConcealFab provides specialized architectural design and structural engineering capabilities for 4G, LTE, oDAS, iDAS, backlobe, and SATCOM applications. Using the latest versions of SolidWorks®, our engineering team is highly skilled in providing the most complete architectural renderings for your project.

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