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Radio Shrouds

Radio concealment shrouds provide a convenient and functional method for mounting the radio equipment and supporting components at cell sites. These shrouds not only improve the appearance of the site but also protect the equipment and sensitive connections from vandalism.

In addition to the radio, concealment shrouds can be configured to house the power meter, disconnect, load center, diplexers, fiber management boxes, grounding bars, etc.  Radio shrouds are designed to allow heat generated within the enclosure to be removed by natural convection or with the assistance of fans incorporated into the enclosure. Radio shrouds are available in both pole mount and ground mount configurations to suit individual site requirements.

ConcealFab’s radio equipment shrouds are manufactured using stamped aluminum or steel, depending on the application, and powder coated for long term environmental protection.   ConcealFab’s shrouds are designed to be compliant with UL and GR487 requirements and can be outfitted with ConcealFab’s patented sound suppression technology to reduce fan noise in neighborhood environments.