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ConcealFab’s larger 16” diameter smooth pole can hold a variety of the larger oDAS radios including the JMA /Teko  and the Commscope ION-ML, plus it can be retro-fitted to hold some of the smaller radios (Commscope ION-M, and ION-U). In addition to our patented sound suppression system, this pole can either be one continuous diameter or transitioned down to a smaller diameter extension pole, above the radio cabinet, to more closely match the diameters of existing light poles.

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ConcealFab’s 16” integrated radio concealment provides a smooth profile system able to accommodate larger oDAS radios such as

JMA / Teko and Commscope ION-ML.  This system can be deployed as a continuous diameter monopole but is more frequently deployed as an integrated base with smaller diameter extension pole.  Additional radio compartments are typically incorporated to support MIMO operation in multiple frequency bands.