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External PIM Remediation

Can Your External PIM Mitigation Strategy be Improved? Read our External PIM Remediation Case Study to learn more.

Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known problem at cell sites. High PIM impacts network performance, results in slower data rates,  and reduces site capacity. New spectrum being deployed by mobile operators exacerbates the problem.

ConcealFab and Johns Manville have worked together to co-develop a solution and product set to mitigate PIM on rooftop sites. Choosing the right solution and products for PIM mitigation is more critical than ever. In this educational Case Study, we explain several methods to significantly reduce external PIM. On the rooftop described in this case study, an average of  >40 dB PIM reduction was achieved in the 700 MHz band.

Download this Case Study for complete information, supporting data and RTF Analysis results.